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Tableware and Kitchenware

Tableware and Kitchenware - Extensions Of Your Personal Style

Shopping for tableware is one of the most exciting parts of setting up your dining space, given just how much there is to choose from! Right from elaborate dinner sets to classic crockery pieces that you can mix and match, chic coffee mugs for your everyday caffeine fix to elegant teacups that will enhance your afternoon soirees, your tableware can truly reflect your personality in the most innovative manner. HomeTown’s tableware can transform your dining space completely, and the best part is - it can be changed often without any major investment.

Additionally, a kitchen is incomplete without the right kind of appliances that facilitate cooking in an effective fashion. From the classic frying pans and spatulas to kitchen scissors, sandwich makers to kitchen chimneys, setting up your kitchenware is an integral part of ensuring a stress-free time in the kitchen. Make it easy to create your most cherished meals and recipes at home with HomeTown’s kitchenware and kitchen accessories. Ranging from microwave ovens and gas stoves all the way to the smaller elements like tiffin boxes and dustbins, find kitchen tools to match your cooking needs and decor style.

Whether you're a newlywed, beginner home chef, an experienced host, or just settling into your very first kitchen, there are at least a few basic pieces of kitchenware and tableware that you should stock up on. Put on your apron and take note!

Gas Stoves And Induction Stoves

When it comes to choosing the best home appliances for cooking, you may be unsure between an induction cooktop or gas stove. While both have their pros, it is important for you as a consumer to have all the information you need to make the best decision.

For amateur cooks and professional chefs alike, gas stoves are a popular and budget-friendly choice. Gas stoves use natural and other flammable gasses as a fuel source. They are usually more efficient and cost-effective than their electric counterparts. Not only would your bills be lower, but gas stoves also provide superior control over cooking temperatures. You are able to quickly switch between high and low temperatures. Another pro of gas stoves is that they can also be used during power outages. Gas stoves offer a classic cooking experience with the option of updated finishes and modern features. HomeTown’s gas stove prices are highly reasonable, making them a great choice for your kitchen.

With regards to induction cooking, the benefits are numerous too. With induction, heat is transferred directly to your cookware, not the surface of the cooktop. They are also easy to clean, given the smooth glass cooktop. Since an induction cooktop seldom gets very hot, food doesn't burn onto it. This means a splatter, a spill or a pasta-sauce pop calls for a quick swipe of the sponge, not a good, long scrub.

Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens are great for their convenience, versatility, and relatively low price point. It’s a common appliance found in many Indian households especially considering how today’s models can do so much more than simply warming up leftovers. Microwave ovens of today do not require any special installation, can easily be moved around, and are generally fairly affordable. Microwave ovens use less energy than a cookstove if they cook or reheat small amounts of food. Perfect for small kitchens with limited countertop space, microwave ovens are a must-have in every kitchen!

Mixer Grinders

We live in an age where multitasking is key, especially in the kitchen! A mixer grinder allows you to unleash your culinary creativity while saving time and effort in the process. A mixer grinder is probably the most important machine in a modern Indian kitchen, accomplishing a wide range of tasks like pureeing, mixing, grinding, mincing, and chopping. And even though a mixer grinder offers a great number of options when it comes to the various food processes, it is quite easy to operate. In fact, most mixer grinders come with several blades and other accessories that make the process effortless!

Smaller Kitchen Accessories and Items

Apart from the larger items like ovens and dishwashers, a kitchen is made truly complete with smaller kitchen accessories like frying pans, casseroles, spatulas, and so on. Here, we’ve listed out a few of them for you - Frying Pans - HomeTown’s versatile nonstick frying pans are perfect for frying and sauteeing everything from vegetables to eggs, making them a kitchen must-have.

Casseroles - Ideal for oven-to-table entertaining, these casseroles can be used to bake vegetable lasagna, rice casseroles, macaroni and cheese, and more. In addition to this, HomeTown’s casserole dishes can also be used to bake desserts and other sweet treats.

Sandwich Maker - Sandwiches are slowly becoming a staple in Indian households, especially ones with children. Prepare the healthiest, most delectable grilled and toasted sandwiches with HomeTown’s sandwich makers.

Lunch box - All you need for meals that need to be had on the go is one of our high-quality lunch boxes - perfect for the workplace, school, and wherever you might need it!

Mops - Ditch the archaic washcloth and opt for a mop, for its multitude of benefits. Not only is it more effective at cleaning, but it is far better for your back and shoulders.

Dinner Sets and Crockery -

The dinner sets and crockery you choose can change the look of your tablescape entirely! It can make your dining experience more formal or casual, enhance your meals, and reflect your individual taste. Every crockery unit must have a few essentials - a complete set of classic white dinnerware that can fit seamlessly into almost any dining setup, a statement crockery set that can be used on occasions, and a stylish but durable melamine dinner set for when there are children around. Apart from these staples, let your imagination run wild and feel free to shop for pieces from HomeTown that truly resonate with you.

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind when shopping for dinner sets and crockery - Consider what kind of colour, shape, and style will suit your home. Overly ornate crockery might seem a tad out of place in a minimalist modern home, and vice versa.

Keep an eye out for features. Is your dinner set oven and microwave safe? If you have a dishwasher, is it dishwasher-friendly? These features might help you narrow down your selections if you’re overwhelmed by too many choices.

Bowls are a fun way to experiment! Mix and match your plates with statement bowls in unique colours to add an extra oomph factor to your table.

Teapots and teacups are essentials in any Indian household! Ensure that you have at least one luxury tea set for when you have guests over.

Are you someone who entertains a lot? If so, you might like to invest in some statement serveware along with your dinner sets and crockery.

Bottles, Sippers, and Flasks -

The humble water bottle is a staple in homes, offices, and even when you’re on the go! The options are endless and every type of water bottle serves a unique purpose. An alternative to regular bottles, sippers are a popular choice among gym-goers and athletes, given that they are easy to carry and handle. For those of you that need your liquids to be temperature controlled, a flask is a perfect option. They are durable, easy to clean, and will maintain the temperature of your hot and cold beverages for hours.

Jugs and Water Dispensers -

Jugs and water dispensers are an important component of your tableware essentials. Whether you're entertaining guests or enjoying a family meal, HomeTown’s jugs and water dispensers hold enough refreshments for the group. No matter what the beverage may be, there's a style of jugs and dispensers to best suit its look and taste. Not sure what the best option is for your home? Consider different shapes and materials. Glass jugs, for instance, have a classic charm that adds elegance and sophistication to the dinner table. Or, if you're entertaining outside, opt for a quirky water dispenser instead, especially if you are serving a unique beverage!

Cutlery -

When it comes to buying spoons and cutlery, there are several factors to consider. In terms of material, stainless steel is a fantastic metal for cutlery. Not only is it low maintenance, hygienic, and durable, but it is also rust-free and resistant to stains and damage from fruit acids.

Frequently Asked Questions -

What are some of the kitchenware essentials needed to set up a fully functional kitchen?

To start with, larger elements like a stove and a microwave oven are fundamental to setting up an element. Then come the kitchen accessories like a mixer grinder, frying pan, casserole, sandwich maker, and so on. In addition, ensure you have your smallest tools like whisks, spatulas, aprons, tiffin boxes, etc in place as well.

What are the benefits of a dishwasher?

Indian households are now understanding the value of appliances like a dishwasher and are incorporating them into their kitchens for effortless cooking. Dishwashers save both time and energy on an everyday basis! Additionally, while washing up by hand might feel like it saves water but according to a recent study, using a dishwasher actually reduced water consumption by a whopping 74%!

What are the benefits of a kitchen chimney?

The benefits of a kitchen chimney are endless! In modular kitchens, chimneys help in the removal of odour from the air, making sure that the smell of raw food and vegetables does not travel outside the kitchen. They also absorb all of the oil and gunk present in the fumes that arise from cooking, thereby ensuring that your kitchen is clean and smokeless.

How do I check the quality of my cutlery?

Here’s how you can ensure that you’ve selected cutlery pieces of the highest quality-

Feel the weight of the knife, fork, and spoon. They shouldn’t feel too light.

Check the inside edges of the fork tines to make sure they are not rough.

Verify the polishing by looking for a smooth reflection in the bowl of the spoon.

What are the different types of water bottles available at HomeTown?

Copper bottles, glass bottles, and plastic bottles. Copper bottles have multiple health benefits. Storing water in copper bottles and vessels allows copper ions to be released in the water and this balances hypertension, assists in digestion, and helps the cardiovascular system. Glass water bottles are an extremely luxurious addition to the home! They hold liquids at a steady temperature, are easy to clean, and are environmentally friendly! Lastly, plastic bottles are great for people on the go, given how lightweight and durable they are.

What should I keep in mind when selecting dinner sets and crockery?

Keep in mind your budget. Also, consider the size of your dining table before purchasing sets that are too large. Another thing to take into consideration is how often you will use it. If the answer is every day, opt for durable pieces in ceramic and melamine. For parties, you can invest in a fine bone china dinnerware set.

How do I clean my microwave?

Fill a non-metallic, microwave-safe bowl (ceramic or microwavable plastic) with parts of water and dish soap and place it in the microwave. Let it run for just 1 minute at a high temperature or until it steams. Remove the bowl and use a sponge to wipe the inside of your microwave. In addition, don't forget to clean the microwave door while you're at it!