Reed on: Diffusers you’ve got to try

Wellness begins at home. With you. The most effective and calming self-care and wellness routines are the kinds that fit easily into your daily life. They aren’t an added step or one extra task. They’re seamless and don’t add to your task list. Think of your essential oil diffuser as a low maintenance entry into the journey of self-care and wellness. They allow your home to instantly become an area of rest and relaxation, making it a tranquil haven for you to unwind and be with yourself. An aroma diffuser is a new age, modern air and room freshener that calls for minimal maintenance and effort. You can easily up your aesthetic and decoration while also experimenting with traditional wellness with an aroma oil diffuser. These are perfect to spruce up your space. Buy a home diffuser online now!

How do diffusers work?

If you have stepped into the aromatherapy world, chances are that you’ve heard of diffusing essential oils. Oil diffusers work very efficiently. Diffusion refers to the simple and trusty process via which aromatic air molecules disperse and spread out evenly in the air. A reed diffuser will offer a subtle way to add a significant and striking aroma to any space. You can choose from a variety of essential oils and blends. Furthermore, research even notes that using certain combinations and blends of essential oils via diffusers can help battle unwanted germs, alleviate insomnia, and even boost concentration. It has also been noted that the inhalation of aromatic essential oils via diffusion is a safe, tried, tested, and trusted way to reap each and every benefit of said essential oil. What’s worth noticing is that it is also the fastest way to reap the benefit since it is the fastest way to allow the essential oil entry into your bloodstream.

What exactly is a reed diffuser?

A reed air diffuser is a very simple and wonderful addition to any space you are looking to elevate and uplift. While there are many options to choose from such as an electric diffuser or a traditional one, there are a few things that remain common. A diffuser is essentially made up of a glass container, a scented oil mixture and a handful of delicate reeds. Diffusers constitute, a scented oil mixture and a handful of rattan reeds in a glass container. The small and delicate glass bottle holds the combination of essential oils and is a scented oil mixture that is more or less made up of a diffuser base mixed with fragrance. The reeds are then put into this mixture and the strong scent is dispersed throughout your space via diffusion. Upon purchasing a diffuser online, you will learn that they are very easy to use and provide wonderful long-lasting aromas that fill every area with calming and familiar scents. Furthermore, they even last a very long time and are extremely cost-effective. They truly go so far as to offer you a big bang for your buck and are a true investment. Plus, there are so many scents you can choose from and experiment with. HomeTown caters to all your aromatherapy needs with its exhaustive range of diffusers.

How to make your reed diffusers last longer?

If you are investing in aromatherapy, it is only natural to want it to last. The way you take care of your diffusers makes all the difference. When you buy a diffuser online make sure you take good care of it. According to us, there are many factors that come into play and contribute to the lifespan of your reed diffuser. If you are keen on making yours last as long as possible, here are some tips, tricks, and hacks! These will basically end up making your oil diffuser last a lot longer. Make sure to be vigilant with the number of reeds you use with your oil diffuser. The more reeds you use means the stronger the fragrance is, but it also means that the oil will get absorbed faster, meaning your diffuser will reach the end of its life cycle, much sooner! It’s safe to say that reducing your reed count will make the oil diffuse at a way slower rate and while it may not be as strong or fragrant as you’d like, it will last way longer than normal. Another thing that you can do is flip the reeds less frequently. Along the same lines as reducing the number of reeds, it may make your oil diffuser less fragrant after time, but it does help! If you’re not sure about where to place it, there are a lot of options to choose from. Spaces like hallways, entryway foyers or even a kitchen or bathroom are great options. Also, make sure to keep your oil and aroma diffusers away from sunlit areas like along a windowsill or above a heater which can dry out and evaporate the oil and reeds quicker. Instead, find a shaded, cool space.


What’s a big no when it comes to storing my reed diffuser?

A tip worth taking note of when it comes to preserving your reed diffuser is to place it away from too large or drafty spaces where the fragrance will ultimately get lost. The scent escapes easily without doing its job when kept near an exterior door or near an air conditioning unit.

Why should I purchase a reed diffuser?

A diffuser is a wonderful way to indulge in aromatherapy and a diffuser lamp can easily be purchased online via HomeTown. You can browse endless options and lots of pieces for your home.

Can I use any kind of sticks instead of reeds?

Make sure you never use bamboo reeds or wooden sticks. Always use the ones that come with the oil diffuser. They’re more refined and are built keeping the purpose of a diffuser in mind. Any other kind of stick or skewer is likely to have perforations or channels that block oils from dispersing instead of releasing the fragrance.

Where should I place my reed diffuser?

For when you want your diffuser to be ultra-effective, you must place it in an appropriate location. For maximum scent, place it somewhere small but uncluttered and with plenty of air, ideally one with good circulation and a high volume of people that allows the scent to move about.

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